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Liste d'U4U: la diversité dans l'unité




List 2 : A balanced list, truly representative of all staff categories, committed to defending the interests of all staff :

Click on the name to see the candidate's statement

  Full member   Alternate  
1 Georges Vlandas AD Mihaela Meresi AA
2 Kim Slama AST Fabrice Andreone AD
3 Philippe Keraudren AD Sophie Lainé AA
4 Brigitte Tout AST Agim Islamaj AST
5 Alexandru-Sorin Costescu AD Yvette Izabel AD
6 Sylvie Vlandas AD Jutta Koening-Georgiades AD
7 Olivier Brunet AD Jelena Meznaric-Broadbent AA
8 Karine Auriol AD Fuat Vardar AST
9 Victor Juan-Linares AST Salvatore Gruttadaurea AST
10 Luc-Jean Stephany AD Dace Bartusevica AST
11 Justyna Celej AD Peter Niklas AD
12 Ivan Cusi Leal AD Chantal Goossens AA
13 Tremeur Denigot AA Maria Troch AD
14 Patrice Grosjean AST Maria Lengenfelder AD
15 Maria Perez Salgado AA Evangelos Spanoudis AA
16 Anna Posluszna AD Vlassios Sfyroeras AD
17 Tanya Dimitrova AA Yves Dumont AD
18 Cvetelina Georgieva AD Gordon Buhagiar AD
19 Emmanuel Petel AD Maria Vasilopoulou AA
20 Giulia Amaducci AD Alain Liberos AD
21 Stephane André AD Katalin Mayering AST
22 Rui Cavaleiro Azevedo AD Dionysia Lagiou AD
23 Catherine Vieilledent-Monfort AD Harald Stieber AD
24 Marilena Di Stasi AA Antonio Panduccio AST
25 Maria Tiganitaki AA Armando Astudillo Gonzales AD
26 Marie Lagarrigue AD Renato Girelli AD
27 Tomas Garcia Azcarate AD Encarnacion Garcia Jimenez AST

Do not cherry-pick !

Vote for the whole list U4U ! (List 2)

Why ? if you don't vote for all 27 candidates, your vote will not be counted in full (it will weight only x/27, x being the number of boxes you ticked ).


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Amaducci Giulia

André Stéphane

Andreone Fabrice

Astudillo Gonzalez Armando

Auriol Karine
Bartusevica Dace
Brunet Olivier

Buhagiar Gordon

Cavaleiro Azevedo Rui

Celej Justyna

Costescu Alexandru-Sorin

Cusi Leal Ivan

Denigot Trémeur

Dimitrova Tanya

Di Stasi Marilena

Dumont Yves

Garcia Azcarate Tomas

Garcia Jimenez Encarnacion

Georgieva Cvetelina

Girelli Renato

Goossens Chantal

Grosjean Patrice

Gruttadaurea Salvatore

Islamaj Agim

Izabel Yvette

Juan Linares Victor

Keraudren Philippe

Koening-Georgiades Jutta

Lagarrigue Marie

Lagiou Dionysia

Lainé Sophie

Lengenfelder Maria

Liberos Alain

Mayering Katalyn

Meresi Mihaela

Meznaric-Broadbent Jelena

Niklas Peter

Panduccio Antonio

Perez Salgado Maria

Petel Emmanuel

Posluszna Anna

Sfyroeras Vlassios

Slama Kim

Spanoudis Evangelos

Stephany Jean Luc

Stieber Harald

Tiganitaki Maria

Tout Brigitte

Troch Maria

Vardar Fuat

Vasilopoulou Maria

Vielledent-Monfort Catherine

Vlandas Georges

Vlandas Sylvie
Affiche 1

Affiche 2



List 2 Team

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