United, with a Common Front, we can stop the Council !

Continuous General Assembly on May, 30th


Strike on June, 5th


Le Parlement européen méprisé,

La proposition de la Commission dénaturée,

Les procédures bafouées,

La fonction publique en danger,

Commission: Retire ta proposition !
de réforme du statut !

The European Parliament despised,

Commission's proposal adulterated,

Due processes violated,

Civil Service endangered,

Commission : Withdraw your proposal !
for amending the Staff regulations

Réforme du Statut : c'est maintenant qu'il faut lutter pour préserver la fonction publique européenne !

Jeudi 30 mai : Tous à l'AG !

Mercredi 5 juin : Grève interinstitutionnelle


June, 5th

Review of the Staff Regulations : Now is the time to fight for the preservation of the European Civil service !

Thursday May, 30th : All to the GA !

Wednesday June, 5th : Inter-institutional Strike


This is not a reform. A reform shall improve things

This is even not just austerity. Austerity shall bring necessary savings.

This is a bold political attack against all those who kept so far the European Union alive.

No to ill minded populism !