10 avril 2013

Éditeur responsable: G. Vlandas

Rédaction F. Andreone, J.-P. Soyer.

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U4U supports the open letter to the College and to the Presidents of the European Institutions

Dear Colleagues,

As you all daily hear and read, the European project is under constant attack.

In reaction to the financial crisis, the response proposed by the Member States is to reduce for the first time ever the EU budget. This historical error puts our and future generations at risks and will have long lasting effects. As regards the EU public service, it will severely affect not only the working conditions of the staff in the coming years but also, in the longer-term, the attractivity of the careers in European Institutions.

The EU is the only structure which can offer solutions at the same scale that the problems faced and no Member State would be able to address alone the global challenges. Unfortunately, the citizens see "Europe" as one of the main reasons for their socio-economic difficulties.

We therefore would like, as member of the personnel deeply concerned by this situation, to send the annexed constructive letter to the Presidents of the Institutions. Rather than limiting the action to a cut of expenses, we believe that a more ambitious and forward looking approach is necessary. The letter is a call for a global and long term effectiveness of the EU Institutions and contains some first concrete proposals.

In order to support this idea, you simply need to click on the button "I agree" inserted below. If you join our efforts, we will keep you informed of the developments.

Members of the Personnel Group to protect the European project and the EU public function

09 April 2013