How to vote for U4U - List 2 ?

A quick tutorial


It is really simple, only half a minute is needed.

Step Description  
a) Be sure to have at hand your ECAS login (the one you use to login into Sysper2 or Syslog)  
b) Go to the electronic ballot box : You can now use your usual browser : Internet Explorer, Firefox, MS-Edge or Google Chrome
c) Login, choose your language (FR, EN, DE)  
d) Hit the "Continue button" on the bottom left of the Welcome to the e-vote page.  
e) Select List 2 (click on it) List 2 : U4U


f) Select the BLOCK LIST VOTE option : Tick the box Block list vote on top of the list

Why ? If you tick less than 27 'couples' (all couples in fact), your vote will not be counted in full (it won't have its total weight for the list). If you still want to vote for some couples, please vote for as many couples as possible (your vote will weight 1/27 per couple).

List 2 : U4U
 Block list vote - Vote de liste


g) Save your vote !

Tick this icon :


... well done, but there is one step more:

 1 list selected

h) Confirm your vote before exiting... and thank you !  1 Block list selected

What if you receive this message when you login ? This domain is not allowed to vote. This means you are not an elector. Who can vote ?

How to vote from your private device ?

If you want to vote from your private workstation, follow these steps :

1. Start your secured session :

2. Choose "private device", then enter your professional e-mail address and your ECAS password
NB. If you don't have an account, please hit the "create an account" link, follow the instructions and connect yourself again.

3. Your own IT "bureau" (start page) will load, connect to the electoral web page from the Outlook message that contains the link or enter directly this link in the address bar of your browser :
NB. You may be asked to enter your current own password (not the ECAS one) for accessing your applications

4. Follow the steps above from c) to h) and vote for the whole list #2 U4U

5. Thank you, well done !

Postal vote

It is possible to vote by post. Please see the instructions here.