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The history of European integration. Europe under strain

October 29, 2023 @ 8h00 - April 28, 2024 @ 17h00

This series of conferences will be held throughout the year. We will inform you of the dates as they become available.

U4U is a European and citizens’ union which affirms its support for the European project and defends the
public service. The staff are concerned about the construction of Europe and the quality of a public service at the service of society.
at the service of society. Our raison d’être is European integration. It is in the name of
that we are organising a series of conferences on the history of European integration.

There are many ways of presenting the history of what was to become the European Union as we know it today.
as we know it today. One of the most enlightening is undoubtedly to retrace the history
of the many tensions, contradictions, confrontations and hesitations that have marked this path.

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Previous conferences

Session 1 (17 November 2022 at 12:45) : The economy and/or peace: in search of the nature of the European project? with the exceptional participation of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman.

Session 2 (29 November 2022, 12:45): Competing models: Europe according to Monnet, Spinelli, Churchill, Marshall, Beyen and others (with the exceptional participation of Joseph Stalin).

Session 3 (Friday 10 February 2022, 12.45) : From the SMI to EMU: the already long history of our single currency (with the exceptional participation of Robert Triffin and Pierre Werner) The circumstances that led to the creation of the Euro go back much further than we often imagine. Let’s retrace together the series of events (and tensions, of course, since that’s the theme of our series) and decisions that led to the situation we are in today.

Session 4 (Friday 31 March 2023, 12.30 to 1.30 p.m.): The already long history of our single currency (part 2). For this second part devoted to European monetary unity, our colleague Andrea Mairate will talk to us about the sometimes tortuous path that led to the creation of the Euro. We will continue our journey through the series of events, hesitations, accelerations, tensions and decisions that led to the creation of the euro and decisions that led to the single currency as we know it today.

Upcoming lectures

Session 4 (date to be fixed) : Competition and/or Competitiveness: at the dawn of the European Union’s economic policies (with the exceptional participation of Hans von der Groeben and René Marjolin)

Session 5 (date to be fixed) : The prehistory of the internal market: integration of European markets in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (with the exceptional participation of John Cockerill)

Session 6 (date to be fixed) : Agriculture: the politics of all dangers (with the exceptional participation
participation of Sicco Mansholt)


October 29 @ 8h00
April 28, 2024 @ 17h00