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With List 3 “VOTE THE CHANGE”!

During the last negotiations of the Staff Regulations, the members of “VOTE THE CHANGE - List 3” had asked for and obtained two major changes regarding the Contract Agents (CAs): 1) short term contracts are extended from 3 to 6 years; 2) specific internal competitions for CAs exclusively are to be organised on a regular basis in order to internalise the best CAs’ talents.

2,5 years after the adoption of the Staff Regulations, we are approaching the end of the negotiation on the General Implementing Rules (GIPs) regarding the Contract Agents at the Commission and in Executive Agencies. This is the longest negotiation for years at the Commission!

Although some issues between the Trade Unions and the Commission have been settled, others still remain open before the final meeting with the administration soon. These issues remain particularly salient.

First, we need to obtain a broader and more flexible policy of mobility for CAs that would enable us to change between geographical sites and/or between jobs. VOTE THE CHANGE - LIST 3 is requesting a fully-fledged mobility system for CAs throughout the Commission and the Executive Agencies, in particular through the establishment of a genuine “labour market” for CAs, organised in SYSPER like for officials. VOTE THE CHANGE - LIST 3 believes that in times of recruitment limits, we need to manage the career of existing CAs better and offer them possibilities to use their talents and develop their competences in a broad labour market throughout the Commission and Executive Agencies.

Secondly, VOTE THE CHANGE - LIST 3 wants each CA to have the opportunity to apply at least once in 6 years to a specific internal competition for CAs. The slow reaction of the administration in the negotiations puts this rule at risk and may thus break the equality between ACs if some are allowed to apply to a specific internal competition for ACs while others are not. This is unacceptable.

Thirdly, recruitments in Luxembourg have to be done in higher grades, thus taking into account the true cost of living here.

In order to support the right policy on these hot topics in front of the administration, support VOTE THE CHANGE - LIST 3.


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