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Permanent Staff

The joint committee on placement reports

The Probationary Period Reports Committee is a joint consultative committee (a Chairman, two members appointed by the administration and two members appointed by the staff). It is called upon to give its opinion whenever the hierarchy considers that the probationary civil servant has not demonstrated, during his probationary period, sufficient merit to be granted permanent status. The Committee gives its opinion by majority vote, with the Chairman not having the right to vote.

The Appointing Authority may or may not follow the committee's opinion.

During the hearings, the committee listens to the official in question, his representative and his hierarchy. The role of staff representatives is crucial in defending the rights of trainees. An analysis is made, taking into account both procedural and substantive aspects.

For the staff representatives, the aim is to guarantee a balanced application of the Staff Regulations and to detect and highlight any malfunctions on the part of the administration. The presence of staff representatives with a good knowledge of the Staff Regulations and a trade union conscience is fundamental.