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Values and structure

Our values

1. U4U is a citizen and European union that puts staff participation at the centre of its work and is therefore an active union throughout the year. We always act in a constructive spirit and in full transparency. Staff are kept informed of our texts, proposals and results (monthly newspaper “Le Link”, website), and can come and discuss them at our conferences.
 2. European construction is at the heart of our raison d’être. We clearly link our trade union action to the future of the European project. Through the regular publication of the GRASPE magazine, regular training courses and seminars on issues of European interest and the documented elaboration of constructive proposals, we act permanently in the interest of the European project.
3. Unity makes us stronger. We are fighting for the unity of the staff, to create solidarity between all its categories, its professions, all “generations” combined.
4. We work for an active and participatory management of staff careers, which promotes a common European culture of solidarity and respect for diversity. The administration must resist the temptation to do more with less, respect each of our professions and recognise the quality of our work.
5. We do not limit our action to the defence of pay, promotion or pension conditions. We do not only accompany you in all the steps for which you may need effective support. We look after all our working conditions and always oppose the opening up of our Staff Regulations, which would risk leading, as always, to unfavourable reforms on all aspects of staff working conditions.
6. For our children in crèches, nurseries and European schools, we advocate quality educational provision for all, with sufficient resources for its implementation.
7. We demand an improvement in staff representation and a strong resumption of social dialogue. The themes of social dialogue must be broadened and this dialogue must be made possible at all levels of the institution, in all DGs and services, as close as possible to colleagues.
8. For fairness and equal treatment: We are fighting for equal treatment between different categories of staff and between colleagues working at different sites.
9. We are in favour of an inclusive diversity policy in all its dimensions. Whether societal, social or cognitive, the inclusion of diversity is for us an approach in favour of equal treatment for all staff in the European civil service. Recognising the intersectionality of diversity is to see in it the unity of the staff.
10. The strength of our commitment stems from our members taking charge within the U4U team, based on commitment, team spirit and merit, notwithstanding status (CA, TA, civil servant , ASN) and grades (AST-SC, AST, AD, FG).

Partnership with USHU

We maintain frequent communication with other trade union organisations that defend the interests of staff within the European Union. In this respect, we have established a partnership with the USHU trade union

Our Structure


Georges Vlandas

General Secretary

Jean-Paul Soyer

Secretary of the Board

Patrice Grosjean



Vice Presidents

  • Stavros Chatzipanagiotou, Vice-président, F4E
  • Yoann Crusado Vandenbergh, Vice-président PE
  • Jorge del Rio, Vice-président PE
  • François Denis, Vice-président PE
  • Julie Luxen, Vice-présidente PE
  • Petros Mavromichalis, Vice-président, Hors Union
  • Roberto Nogal, Vice-président PE
  • Carmen Ortega Montero, Vice-présidente, Parlement Européen
  • Virginia Quisbert, Vice-présidente PE
  • Bartolomeo Rivan, Vice-président PE
  • Gregor Schneider, Vice-président, EUIPO
  • Bertrand Soret, Vice-président, SEAE
  • Françoise P.C. Thomas, Vice-présidente PE
  • Bertrand Wert, Vice-président, agences exécutives
  • Huseyin Yavas, Vice-président PE

Members of the Board

  • Alcaraz Fabienne
  • Amaducci Giulia
  • Brites-Nunes Margarida
  • Busto-Saenz Izaskun
  • Chatzipanagiotou Stavros
  • Denis François
  • Grosjean Patrice
  • Islamaj Agim
  • Juan-Linares Victor
  • Mairate Andrea
  • Mavromichalis Petros
  • Opreana Elena-Corina
  • Ortega Montero Maria Del Carmen
  • Petel Emmanuel
  • Posluszna Anna
  • Rivan Marce Bartolomeo
  • Schneider Gregor Friedrich
  • Soret Bertrand
  • Soyer Jean-Paul
  • Spanoudis Evangelos
  • Spyrou Georges
  • Stephany Jean-Luc
  • Vlandas Georges
  • Vlandas Penelope
  • Wert Bertrand

Other officers

Litigation Committee

  • Kayamanidou Maria
  • Mietzner Carmela
  • Wouters Paul


U4U representatives

Contact them if you need help!