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Join in order to contribute; to participate in the different platforms that reflect on the ways we can defend our interests.

Frequently asked questions on Membership

Follow our training sessions

We hold regular training sessions to EPSO competitions : see the training programme.

We also have a programme of internal training and public conferences.

Participate in working groups

Participate in some of our working groups. Contact by email or telephone the moderators of these different groups.

The quick tour

Browse through our website and find why joining U4U is the smart thing to do.

What is U4U’s general political philosophy? U4U values ; U4U, an actor of the Social dialog ;   U4U guidelines?

What are your goals for staff in the Commission and other EU institutions and how to you plan to reach them? Our topical pages regarding the working conditions, staff, social conditions.

What do you offer members? Our services

Hospitalization Insurance

The RCAM protects you effectively but several reimbursement ceilings or exclusions mean that you need additional insurance covering hospitalization costs, which are the biggest financial risk in the event of a serious illness.

U4U gives you access to such a mutual insurance.

To find out more about this

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You can subscribe – and unsubscribe- to our public mailing lists. Just choose the ones you are most interested in. It’s easy and it’s for free. These lists are primarily used to send our newsletters.

Access to previous newsletters

From the e-mail account you want to withdraw, send the e-mail created by your click without change.

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Regular internal meetings

We have established an operation that is nimble and quick to react and this is achieved in three levels:

  • a secretariat that meet every Monday morning that operates every week to run the daily business that puts into place the decisions.
  • an executive bureau that will meet every Monday at noon, every two weeks, that plans the activities, that puts our actions in a framework policy.
  • a union council that will convene once every 3 months in order to discuss and decide on several matters, or, to review an action or a policy. The board is composed of members of the secretariat and the bureau as well as colleagues who represent us in different DGs.

All these three bodies welcome anyone that is willing to show goodwill and participate. Meeting dates are published on the main page of this site. This allows all members to participate and take participate ”locally” or “centrally”.

We have created a strong trade union, one that is original, European, a trade union that wants to reach out to as many people as possible. We want to work in a team mentality, avoid bureaucracy and rigid structures that might be discouraging. We have embarked on quite a formidable adventure, but it is certainly an adventure that is necessary to embark on. We need to face the challenges that lie ahead, face them as members of the most prestigious and necessary service in the Union.


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