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U4U General Meetings

Année 2021-23 (AG de 2023)

Ordinary General Meeting 2023

Année 2021 (AGE)

Extraordinary General Meeting  25/052021

Note d’information – Information notice

Proposed resolution :

Résolution unique – L’assemblée générale fixe la cotisation à U4U à :

  • Cotisation ordinaire : 30€ par an
  • Cotisation de soutien : 9€ par mois soit 108€ par an.

Sole resolution – The General Meeting sets the membership fee for U4U at :

  • Basic fee : 30€ per annum
  • Sponsorship fee : 9€ per month i.e. 108€ per annum.

Compte-rendu de l’AGE

Année 2019-20 (AG de 2020)

Ordinary General Meeting 2020

En date du 18 novembre 2020 sous forme électronique (titre VII 2 des Statuts). On November 2020, 18th, in electronic form;

Documents and resolutions

Proposed resolutions :

  • Resolution n°1 – The General Meeting approves the activiy report presented by the Board of Directors on the activities of the Association during the past period.
  • Resolution n°2 – The General Assembly approves the financial report and gives discharge of its management to the outgoing Board of Directors.
  • Resolution n°3 – The General Assembly approves the 2021 budget.
  • Resolution n°4 – The General Assembly sets the ordinary annual fee at 25€ and the annual support fee at 84€.
  • Resolution n°5 – The General Meeting waives the appointment of Statutory Auditors.
  • Resolution n°6 – The General Meeting temporarily modifies article 6 of the internal regulations for the only Board elected under this GA, setting the number of Directors at a maximum of thirty. This resolution, in order to be adopted, requires a majority of at least sixty percent (60%) of the members having voted in the electronic referendum, in accordance with art. 21 of the Articles of Association.Resolution n°7 – The general meeting sets the number of directors at a maximum of thirty (if resolution 6 is passed, otherwise at twenty), the number of associate directors at a maximum of twenty, the number of members of the Disputes Commission at a maximum of five.
  • Resolution n°8 – The General Assembly proclaims the following persons elected to the Board of Directors [according to the results of the election] and proclaims the following persons elected to the Disputes Committee [according to the results of the election].

Candidatures enregistrées : Board of Directors

  • Alcaraz Fabienne
  • Amaducci Giulia
  • Andreone Fabrice
  • Brites-Nunes Margarida
  • Busto-Saenz Izaskun
  • Chatzipanagiotou Stavros
  • Denis François
  • Grosjean Patrice
  • Islamaj Agim
  • Juan-Linares Victor
  • Mairate Andrea
  • Mavromichalis Petros
  • Opreana Elena-Corina
  • Ortega Montero Maria Del Carmen
  • Petel Emmanuel
  • Posluszna Anna
  • Rivan Marce Bartolomeo
  • Schneider Gregor Friedrich
  • Sivel Eric
  • Slama Kim
  • Soret Bertrand
  • Soyer Jean-Paul
  • Spanoudis Evangelos
  • Spyrou Georges
  • Stephany Jean-Luc
  • Verbiest Patricia
  • Vlandas Georges
  • Vlandas Penelope
  • Wert Bertrand

Candidatures enregistrées : Litigation Commission

  • Cusi-Leal Ivan
  • Kayamanidou Maria
  • Mietzner Carmela
  • Wouters Paul

Electoral Process


Convocation (The active link to the ballot form will only be sent to members in good standing)

Results of the vote

Compte-rendu de l’AGO de 2020 – Minutes of the 2020 OGM