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Virtual coffee

Accès réservé aux adhérents – Strictly for U4U members only

Virtual coffee : What is it ?

This is an attempt to freely discuss our real problems, listening to each other, reassuring one another and perhaps exchange our best practices that you / we have found.

This is a first step if we are to gather opinions and present serious proposals and meanwhile also to self-help ourselves.

In order for us to really freely discuss, we limit the total number to 20 persons on the principle of “first arrived, first served”.
Etiquette of the “virtual coffee”

This virtual coffee is the place to share common knowledge and best practices for us, thus:

  • What is said in the virtual coffee is confidential and therefore remains in there otherwise the participants will not dare to really express their opinions. However the general and anonymised conclusions could be gathered for further reflexion;
  • Practise quality dialogue, in other words: focus on what matters, without judgement or assumptions, listen to each other carefully, speak one at a time, accept that divergent opinions are ok, link and connect ideas, have fun…
    Please avoid to monopolise the speaking time in such a way that it will give the opportunity to others also to speak. In that respect, try to clearly formulate your opinions / ideas, so they are short and to the point. If this helps you, use notes.
  • Listen to the others and to yourself;
  • Complex and very specific cases cannot be “treated” in the virtual coffee. But they could be referred to the U4U union specialists if you need / want.

Invitations on specific topics are sent by email to our members.