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La Circulaire

The Circulaire was a letter published irregularly, depending on events, with the aim of providing precise information on current issues as well as explaining – and discussing – the union’s strategy or providing a political perspective. To find the complete list of publications, please refer to the french version of this page.

Date and LinkContents
6 february 2016– Quote of the day: what would Jean Monet think of the Brexit negotiations?
– Meeting between trade unions, staff committees and Vice-President K. Georgieva
– Workforce management at the Commission: between pessimism and anger!
– Doing more with the same? Chiche”.
– Evaluation/promotion: here we go!
– Part-time work: how is it applied?
– U4U has set up local services to defend the civil service and its staff!
8 april 2016– VP Georgieva’s semantic shift: from “Doing better with the same” to “Doing more and better with less”!
– Social dialogue in the executive agencies: an opening?
– When will there be genuine structured social dialogue in the decentralised regulatory agencies?
– Centralisation of certain functions
– Workforce management at the Commission: between pessimism and anger
– A guide to teleworking
– The European Parliament threatens interpreters’ leave entitlements
– Universal income: one way of increasing European economic and social cohesion and getting out of the current economic slump?
20 june 2016– Pensions: How much did the 2014 reform of the Staff Regulations cost us?
– IDOC Annual Report
– DEVCO: U4U listens to you
– Evaluation of the 2015 promotion exercise
– Redeployment of AST secretaries to DG GROW
– Brexit, what if ?
– #goalforEU
6 july 2016– No child left behind!
– The Juncker Plan
– The Cyclists’ Group
– Air quality in Brussels
– Accident and occupational disease insurance
14 september 2016– U4U writes to J.-C. Juncker
– Adjustment of the remuneration and pensions of civil servants and other servants in respect of 2016
– Adjustment of the pension contribution rate for 2016.
– The prevention of psycho-social risks [RPS], an employer’s obligation
– A U4U section at EASA
– Mission guide
– Luxembourg: EMAS, What about the Opportunity-Costs?
– Training and Conferences
9 february 2017– Overcharging for medical care in Luxembourg
– Legal action against the capping of school allowances at the EEAS
– OIB: Will the UCC software keep track of you?
– Crèches & garderies: where do we stand?
– Job swaps: these are tough times: let’s get some ideas!
– Ryanair
– Sixtieth anniversary of the Treaty of Rome
– International Interns Strike
24 february 2017– Contract agents: the end of the tunnel
– Will the UCC software keep track of you?
– School allowances in the Delegations
– Towards sustainable canteens at the Commission?
– CGAM in good health
– Art Club Exhibition
5 july 2017– RTD: Downsizing during major reorganisations
– After-school care: additional places at last!
– AC: let’s continue our action
– Mediation service: why don’t the Agencies benefit from it?
– OLAF: compensation of night working time is now a right
– Disciplinary procedure
– Brexit: let’s start social dialogue now