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NoXyLo was our newspaper of short news and fast information. It issued once a month, or more often if current events demanded. Its motto: no xylo! It was e-mailed to our list subscribers. Not all issues are translated in English. To find the complete list of publications, please refer to the french version of this page.

Date and LinkContents
12 November 2009– Academic failure at the European Schools
– Taxation of Greek colleagues
18 Décember 2009– REC
– Health insurance
– Remuneration
18 january 2010– REC
– Remuneration
– European Schools
23 february 2010– REC
– EPSO competition
– Health insurance
22 march 2010– The method
– Sickness fund
– Groups by DG: contact points
26 may 2010– U4U officially representative
– Contract and precarious workers
– Shipwrecked by the reform
– EPSO competition and ENA training
– Lack of ambition in the 2011 budget
– The Community method for managing the crisis
– Together against European defeatism
– EUROCONTROL applies the method
– Promotions
– Affilyatys
– Main results of the conciliation on the EEAS
– 7689 readers of GRASPE magazine
19 october 2010– Did you know?
– Commission administration section
– JSIS: the Commission’s health insurance scheme at risk?
– Early retirement
– New competitions
– AUSTERITY: the word is out
– Canteens: the Commission must set an example
– New EPSO competitions and U4U training courses
– The Ombudsman and officials
– EPSO competition: analysis of the first AD competition
– The Council calls for implementation of the exception clause in Article 10 of Annex XI to the Staff Regulations concerning application of the Method in 2011
– Commissioners’ code of conduct
– When the European Ombudsman slips up…
– Attestation: a new exercise in 2011;
– We write to No Xy Lo
27 june 2011– Special issue 1 General mobilisation against the “reform” of the Staff Regulations.
2 april 2012– Editorial: Disputes, controversies and polemics
– Method: the Council calls again for the exception clause
– Threats against European civil servants
– Restructuring: U4U takes action (DG AGRI, DG INFSO, DGT, RTD, etc.)
– Removals: U4U takes action (DG COMP, DG COMM, etc.)
– Results of the elections in Ispra and Sevilla
– The long struggle of language teachers
– EPSO Certification Competition
– Did you know?
– The European Institutions’ Unemployment Fund
24 april 2012– Editorial: The Europe I see, the Europe I want
– U4U creates “U4U Reps
– Contract agents: honouring commitments
– Germany: civil servants’ salaries and bonuses increased
– Restructuring and relocation: U4U is committed
– Participatory Progress: a methodological model
– Canteens: U4U questions Mrs Souka
– The Commission lacks appeal
– Election of your staff representatives
– GRASPE meetings
– The Charlemagne Visitors’ Centre: an update
– Crèches: making a habit of things
– European Schools: an insufficient budget
– Health insurance: a positive balance sheet
11 july 2012– Editorial: A few lessons from the elections and some areas for action
– Results of the Brussels CLP elections
-Contract agents: follow-up to the General Assembly
– Staffing issues at the Commission
– Upcoming competitions published by EPSO
– Looking for savings?
– Employment and young people. Really?
– Letters to the Editor
– Support U4U
13 september 2012– Reform of the Staff Regulations: are we going to let ourselves be bullied?
– Revision of the Staff Regulations: the Council continues its approach of destroying the European civil service
– Revision of the Staff Regulations: the Belgian proposal of 17 August 2012 concerning the temporary contribution: a real hold-up on the salaries of EU officials and pensioners
– Further negotiations on the revision of the Staff Regulations will depend on the level of savings to be made under Heading 5 of the Financial Perspective (FRP) at the Special European Council in November 2012.
– Local staff: still nothing
– Adjustments to remuneration and pension contributions: an update on the 2011 and – 2012 adjustments
– European Schools
– New ECR: much better
– European citizens want a Europe of solidarity
– Elections to the Commission’s CLP in Brussels: continuation and end?
– EPSO competitions published in the Official Journal of the European Union – Training
15 october 2012 – Editorial: Let’s not be afraid!
– Good news at last: the European Union receives the Nobel Peace Prize
– Official message from Jacques Delors, Founding President of Notre Europe and President of the European Commission from 1985 to 1995
– Contract agents: where do we stand?
– Feedback from the AGM
– Information sessions
– The Council’s silence
– The Civil Service Tribunal sanctions moral harassment and awards €5,000 in compensation
– The Council loses its compass.
– Multi-Annual Financial framework: the European Parliament weights in.
– Externalisation versus internalisation
– DOCUMENT: Budget 2013, European policies are the way out of the crisis.
– Letters to the editor – U4U responds
13 november 2012– Editorial: After 8 November: what to do and how?
– 14 November 2012: European Day of Action and Solidarity for Employment and Solidarity in Europe
– Where we stand with the Financial Perspectives 2013-2020
– Open letter to Mr Silva Rodriguez Director General of DG AGRI: For a participative management of staff
– Open letter to Mr Gregory Paulger, DG COMM: For a transparent management of staff
– U4U defends you – Rights of spouses of European officials if they are in CCP
-Presidency of the CLP: abuse of position and trust, confusion of genres!
– Strike: why such violent attacks?
26 february 2013– Editorial
– Internal competitions: where do we stand?
– Training for EPSO competitions
– Solidarity: Europe throws in the towel
– Not good but is it a surprise ?
– When the regulated sits on the Board of the regulator, is there a conflict of interest?
– Harassment at the Court of Auditors
– A small mistake by the IMF
– Document : Democracy in Europe
– Citizens’ initiative: Demand quality European education for all
– Humour: Oh my!
18 april 2013    – Editorial: Taking action
– 23 April: Take action to reduce job insecurity!
– Staff of the institutions to their presidents: take action for the future of the Union!
– Internal competitions: Redressing the injustices suffered by “post-2004” colleagues
– Adjustments to our salaries and pensions: Where do we stand?
– U4U (U4eUrope) European training courses
– Follow-up to the Multiannual Budgetary Agreement (MFF)
– Proximity: our meetings
– Public holidays in 2014 (forecasts)
10 june 2013– Editorial: 5 June strike? A resounding success!
– The use of democracy in the European Union
– Novlangue: “Reform means cuts! Modernisation means reduction!
– AC: for less precarious management of job insecurity
– Internal competitions: why not organise three?
– Fighting together, fighting at the same time!
– The European Schools are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year: could this be their swan song?
– How to counter the anti-EU propaganda in the Media?
– Letters to the editor
14 october 2013– Editorial: Is reform of the Staff Regulations enough for the Member States?
– Reform of the Staff Regulations: the final straight
– Salary adjustments for 2013
– Adjustment of the pension contribution rate for 2013
– 2011 and 2012 salary adjustments before the Court of Justice
– Adjustment of the pension contribution rate for 2011 and 2012
– Right to carry over annual leave in the event of illness: Strack v Commission judgment
– Council of the EU / European Parliament judgment (C77-11) of 17 September 2013
– Agencies: a good response to the criticisms and expectations of the scientific world?
– The CAs: giving it a try!
– When will promotions be launched?
– The latest periodical to which U4U contributes
7 january 2014– Editorial: Relying on our own strengths
– Commission report: pay policy
– Review: personnel management
– Reforming statutory staff representation
– CGAM: it’s urgent to wait!
– RTD: Together we need to defend our working conditions and dignity at work
– Is the Commission talking out of both sides of its mouth?
– Commission: A clumsy communication policy
– Echoes of the Great War
– Mood of the duck in chains (at her desk)
– Agreed normal weekly hours in the EU Members’ civil services in 2012
– New rise in flat prices in Luxembourg
– Notices of Competition
– Dates to remember
– Join U4U
3 march 2014– Editorial: Resist!
– Appeal: the staff’s appeal has been heard!
– Generation 2004, the leaflet that leaves you dreaming
– The institution needs a new personnel policy
– Post 2004: U4U defends internal competitions
– Invitation to a conference, “The EEAS after 3 years: Achievements and Opportunities”.
– Professional inadequacy
– Adjustment of pay and pensions: an unacceptable situation
– Financing the European budget: towards own resources?
– Jean Monnet building in Luxembourg: anxiety is mounting
– Contract agents: we’re making progress!
– U4U and the VOTE THE CHANGE list: better defending JRC and Luxembourg staff
– Election to the Presidency of the Central Staff Committee
– The German model: an idea to follow?
– U4U creates a section in Alicante
– The U4U press
16 june 2014– Editorial: Faced with the risks posed to citizens by the rise of euroscepticism and nationalist withdrawal, let’s give Europe a chance
– The Presidency of the Commission must be entrusted to one of the candidates nominated by the EP groups, capable of breathing new life into the Commission on the basis of a legitimate majority
– DG AGRI moves: taking staff into account
– AST and AD promotions: what to do and how?
– All well at OIB? Not so sure…
– AD 13 and AD14 promotions: the “good practice” of the Cabinets must now be applied to the services, within the framework of clear and transparent rules
– CLP takes action on low-cost products
– Mendoza v Commission judgment of 27 February 2014
– Letter from U4U to Directors-General and Heads of Service
– Letter from U4U to DG HR
– EPSO competition
– Appeals against pay adjustments
– The Agri Cafet
– Letters to the editor
25 november 2014– Editorial: “Taking better gender representation in management to heart”? You bet!
– The Juncker Commission is already under attack
– VP K. Georgieva, in charge of budget and personnel, meets the trade unions
– U4U at DG AGRI
– DG AGRI’s vegetable garden
– AC social dialogue: negotiations finally get underway
– U4U, for a participative trade union activity
– 2014 promotions: 4,600 promotions at the Commission
– Appeal against the Staff Regulations
– Near, next steps: the point of view of U4U-Near, U4U-Devco, U4U-Elarg
– DG ENV workshops
– Our next meetings
– Comitology: conflicts of interest and sabotage of EU policies
– Is ageing inevitable?
– Testimony: Exchanges of civil servants