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Frequently asked questions on training

1- Access to the web pages

I had a look to your web pages about training but they seem outdated, although I received an e-mail about new sessions.

This is due to the Internet server of your institution which can be over-enthusiastic about ‘caching’ (particularly in the EP). Easy remedy : hit the function key F5 when you are on the page you want to consult, it will be updated.

2- Who can register ?

I am a civil servant but want to register to the course someone of my family who is not working for the institution, can I do it ?

Yes, follow the normal process and indicate the name of the person actually following the course in the box titled ‘Name of participant (if s/he is not the member)’.

I am not working for the institutions and I have no family connection with someone who does. Can I apply ?

Normally not, send a message to requesting for a special access.

I am an END, can I register ?

Yes, all persons working for the institutions can register regardless their status (contract agent, temporary, parliamentary assistant, interim contract…), provided they are member of U4U.

I am not a member, can I attend the courses ?

Can I attend the course without being a member ?


Can I join U4U only for the time of the course ?

No. We are not a commercial company and we do not like to be used as one. If you do not share our values, if you don’t want to become a permanent member, please do not apply for membership.

I joined U4U recently, should I register now for the training or wait for the confirmation of the joining to U4U ?

Please register immediately, as courses are filling up quickly.

3- Sessions

Where are the sessions taking place ? The answer is in the description of the training. The precise location will be shown on the invitation.

What is the cost of the training ?

The answer is in the description of the training.

In which language are the courses given ?

The answer is in the description of the training.

Is there still some place left for the training ?

Normally yes, we close the registration when the session is full.

The registration is closed, can I still apply ?

No, the session is full, other sessions will be organized and announced.

Can I follow the course by webstreaming or tele conferencing ?

No, unless the training is labelled ‘webinar’, in which case this is a ‘remote learning’ session that you can follow from your desktop.

Some training or coaching sessions are offered through teleconferencing. How should I connect ?

Please :

  • identify with which tool you are asked to connect (in particulat ‘skype’ is a different software than ‘skype for business’.)
  • follow the guidance given by the instructor for connecting; in most cases, no prior installation of software is needed
  • use a desktop, a laptop or a tablet for connecting; a phone does not provide a sufficiently good environment for following a course.
  • connect on time; make sure you will not be disrupted during the course.

See also : Note aux orateurs

See also chapter 10 of this page for other technical requirements.

4- Process for registering

What happens if I do not follow properly this process ?

Your application will be rejected or mismanaged.

What happens if I do not make the bank transfer immediately when I register ?

Your application will be rejected.

Why do I need to indicate which competition I am preparing ?

This helps us to advise you if the training proposed is not applicable to this compettition.

When registering, please note that the Situational competency-based interview (SCBI), the General competency based interview (GCBI) and the Competency-based interview (CBI) are different types of tests, prepared by different training courses.

5- Payment

How much do I have really to pay ?

The answer is in the description of the training.

Are the courses free for U4U members ?

No. Our trainings are for our members only but you have to pay for them. Our tariffs include generally a significant rebate. Our membership fee only covers our administrative costs.

6- Confirmation 

I have received a confirmation that my registration has been registered, when will I receive the invitation to the training ?

One week before the training takes place, to the e-mail address you provided in your registration form.

I have registered myself for the training session but I haven’t received any confirmation about it. Shall I register myself again?

No, the confirmation should be sent within three days. If you have not received a confirmation or an error message within this delay, contact

7- Cancellation policy and Attendance

I could not attend, can I have a copy of the written material ?

Please contact our secretary. In some cases, this can be done.

I could not attend, can I be reimbursed or my payment transferred to another session ?


I wish to cancel my registration, how can I do it and will I be reimbursed ? Write as soon as possible to

You will be reimbursed of the cost of the training if you cancel your registration before the delay indicated on the main page. For some trainings, a cancellation fee will be applied but only if it is explicitly foreseen in the description of the training.

The membership fee will not be reimbursed, as you are now a member of U4U.

8- Evaluation

Can I send feedback about a session I attended to ?

Yes, use the training report form.

9 – Webinars : which are the technical requirements ?

How do I know where to connect ?

Before each session, you will receive an e-mail (watch also your Inbox spam folder) detailing the convocation to the online training and giving a link that you must follow to enter the session.

Webinars : which are the technical requirements ?

These are some technical prerequisites you will have to meet in order to fully enjoy all the virtual classroom functionalities:

  • A strong and stable internet network connection;
  • A webcam and a microphone (either external or integrated to your device);
  • Headphones or an audio headset.

A phone does not provide a sufficiently good environment for following a course.

U4U cannot be held responsible for any technical difficulties linked to your IT equipment (computer, microphone, webcam, headphones) or to the poor quality of your Internet connection which could disrupt or interrupt your access to the virtual classroom. You must ensure that your Internet installation and your IT equipment are functioning properly before you connect and participate in online classes.

Why do I need a camera ?

It is essential for the quality of the course that your camera is switched on and running. The trainer needs to see you to assess your reactions. In principle, your camera should always be active during the course, unless otherwise instructed by the trainer, who may sometimes limit the use of the camera to specific interactions with you.

Refusing to activate the camera at the request of the trainer may lead to your expulsion from the course, without the possibility of a refund.

Must I download and install software ?

In most cases, no need to download or install software. A state of the art and properly updated Browser is sufficient.

In some cases, you may download a ‘client’ module but this is not a prerequisite and is left to your own choice..

With ORSEU as the Trainer

10- Intellectual property

Who has the Intellectual Property rights on training material used for the session ?

U4U and/or the Trainer is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights of all the courses it offers. Therefore, all educational contents and teaching materials (paper, digital, oral) provided during the course are considered original works. As such, they are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights. All teaching materials remain the exclusive property of U4U and/or the Trainer. They shall not be used, recorded or reproduced, if not expressly authorized by U4U and/or the Trainer, by concession contract of autonomous rights.

Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, either total or partial, of our training content is strictly prohibited, regardless of the process or the media used.

Any more question ?  write to